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Hey friends!

It’s been a hot minute since I wrote a blog post. We’ve certainly been busy, but that’s not exactly why I took a break. I felt a lack of clarity, a lack of creativity, and a lack of direction. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with this. Did I want to solely focus on travel tips, fashion tips, etc. Did I want to rate and review all the hotels, restaurants, and places we are visiting? Did I want to talk about being a wife, a mom, a traveler? I just wasn’t sure. Have you ever felt completely stumped. That’s where I’ve been. I wanted a new vision to just pop in my head. HA! It didn’t.

That’s when I asked Jesus to give me the clarity I needed. I almost felt a sense of guilt if I took an hour or two to write, edit, and publish a new blog post or instagram post. I never wanted my girls to feel like that took priority over them. Did you know my girls don’t nap? My oldest stopped right when she turned 2, and even before that she only napped 30 minutes or so at a time. My little one occasionally takes a cat nap in the car, but that’s it. I didn’t want screen time to rule during my post time. I took a step back to think about blogging. Was it really for me? Did I have anything to offer? Did anybody want to read what I was saying? Truly, I think these are all questions that any blogger struggles with. Guess what? It is for me. So if you like a hodge podge of posts from mom sturggles to travel tips to fashion sharing to what’s on my heart then you’re in the right place.

The last three months have been full of adventures. When I last posted, we were living in Houston. We stayed there in a Homewood Suites (can not say enough good things about the hotel and people there) in the heart of midtown until the first week of May. During our 11 weeks in Houston, I took the girls on 5 trips. We went to Washington DC then Galveston then Dallas then the Great Wold Lodge in Grapevine and finally, on a trip back home to Wichita. I felt like every time I closed my eyes, I was waking up to a new adventure. We then moved for two weeks to Destin, FL while Anthony was in training in ATL for Chick-fil-A. We just got back from Disney World with my parents, and I’m ready to have a couple weeks to explore our current home of Panama City beach before moving again. I have so much to share about each of those, and I’m officially feeling up to the challenge. For now, here’s a few pictures of our last few months on the move. We are currently living in Panama City beach, FL for the next couple of weeks, and then we’ll be off to a new adventure.

Washington DC

Houston rodeo

Helping daddy update the sign at Chick-fil-A in Houston

Hermann Park – one of our favorite hangouts in Houston

American Girl Doll Cafe

Ice Skating in Galleria Mall across from our hotel in Houston


Disney Spring and Garden Festival

the gang is all here

catching some sun in Destin

when I took the girls home to Wichita for Easter

visiting Nasa

Gulf Breeze Zoo in FL

Presley and her Prince (my dad) after Tower of Terror

Cheesin’ hard waiting to meet some princesses!

Thanks for all of your love and support during our journey. If you’re thinking about blogging, start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to catch up to those who have been doing it for years. Do what makes you happy. Don’t fall into the trap of needing to have a perfect blog or Instagram feed tomorrow. Guess what?! Nobody’s life is perfect. Time really is a beautiful thing. I’ve run into a couple awesome bloggers who have (and continue to do so) helped me, shared tips, and given of their time to share their knowledge. This is a big deal because many aren’t so willing. If you have questions about Instagram, I’d love share what information I do have. Why can’t we all just help each other out?!

Until next time,


“Come to me, all you who are weary, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

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