A Gift Guide for Teachers

Holy MAY! How is in the world is the end of the school year already here? I don’t know know either, but as a homeschool mom, I’m extra thankful to put those books away, hang by the pool and have a lighter schedule for a few months. Every year (and holiday), I hear the buzz from moms all around me,

“What kind of gift should I get for (insert your child’s name) teacher?”

Well, I’ve chatted with some of the best teachers I know and gathered the scoop on the do’s and don’ts for teachers’ gifts. Whether you’re budget is small or large or somewhere in between, I’ve got you covered.


– DO buy your kid’s teacher a gift (they taught, loved on, and put up with your kid (kidding, kind of) ALL year long

– DO get him/her a card and write a handwritten note saying THANK YOU (even if it’s a homemade card)

– DO make this a priority

– DO ask them what they want/need (if you feel comfortable doing so)

– DO pray for them (I believe in prayer & trust me, teachers have a TOUGH job)


DON’T give them things like stuffed animals (they aren’t 5)

– DON’T give them a coffee cup (they probably have been given hundreds)

– DON’T give them a framed picture of your kid (a nice wallet size for their bulletin board will do)

– DON’T brag about your gift. Everyone has a different budget, and nobody should feel bad about what they’re able to do.

– DON’T gift them something that says #1 Teacher even if they are the best.


1. Gift Cards – Over & over, teachers told me that they enjoy getting gift cards. These can be for large amounts or small amounts. – Gift Card tree – you can get a little gift card holder HERE or HERE on amazon and then clip little $5-$10 gift cards on it (Sonic, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, etc) This one looks cute and also gives the teacher a little variety. – Group gift – ask the other mamas if they want to all go in together and get bigger amount. (Some may want to and some may not. That’s OKAY)

2. Potted plant – This is a fun gift that most female teachers will like, they don’t take up a lot of space, and they will actually enjoy them. I like to shoot for a plant that is low maintenance (Chinese evergreen, succulents, mother-in-law’s tongue, etc.) Flowers can be nice too. My biggest thing for this one is to be sure that they are in a vase (if possible). It’s much easier for the teacher to display. From a teacher “One year I received a huge hanging basket of flowers from a boy where his parents had painted his handprint and written, “Thanks for helping me grow. I’ll never forget that one.”

3. Treats – The key to this one is to try to find out what kind of treats they like; cupcakes, cookies, Edible Arrangements (fruit, chocolate covered strawberries). Be sure that whatever you choose comes with or in a bag or box so they can easily load it up in their car.

4. Personal Gifts – If you read my Mother’s Day post then you know I’m team personal. Teachers want to feel like you and your child care about them as a person. Listen to what they like; a favorite sports team, restaurant, movie goer, type of jewelry they always wear, etc. From a teacher – “One of my kids got me a necklace that is super me. I has a moon on it and a gemstone that’s really cute. I think all the best gifts are gifts that you can tell thought went into it.”

5. Classroom items – I have mixed feelings on this, but I do know that teachers spend a lot of money out of their own pocket on classroom essentials. Some of teachers’ faves are:

– Sharpie markers in black and bright colors

– Colorful felt tip pens – White board markers ( variety of colors, but especially the standard colors)

– Basics – #2 pencils, erasers, crayons & glue sticks (they can never have too many)

Listen when your child’s teacher talks and remember that at the end of the day, they are just a normal person. Put a little thought into your gift and show them that you truly do appreciate them as a teacher and as a human being. It’s not about a specific dollar amount. As cliche as it is, it’s the thought that really counts here.

Before you know it, all of these desks will be empty and you’ll be spending your days lounging by the pool watching your child grow right before your eyes. Hang in there these last few days or weeks of school.



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