Change is Good – We are Moving

You read that title right. Where, oh, where do I even begin? I would start at the beginning, but you would be reading ALL day. Plus, I’m currently laying in bed writing this and it’s just past midnight (because… well, I’m a mom and try not to neglect my kids while they’re awake). Real talk… I hope when I wake up in the morning and proofread before publishing that most of this actually makes sense.

(almost two years ago shortly after we sold our house)


Almost two years ago, we sold our house to chase a dream. The whole time we were fighting an uphill battle, but we kept fighting. We were completely determined to make that dream into a reality. We moved around the country for almost a year for my husband’s job, and we had the time of our lives. We saw so much of the United States in such a short amount of time, our family became stronger than I ever imagined, and we had to put our full trust in God. The job side of things wasn’t always ideal with more negativity/dishonesty than I care to go into. God allowed us some amazing opportunities, but ultimately, he had a different plan for us.

(right before leaving Kansas for an adventure around the US)

We walked away from what we thought was our dream and walked with Jesus into the unknown. Home for us has always been Kansas, but after our time on the road, we decided to spend some time in Florida and seek God for guidance on our next steps. We spent a lot of time praying for clarity as we wanted any decision we made to be from Him. Have you ever said it… “JESUS, please just slam all of the wrong doors!” He had been with us every step of the way, but I wondered at times if our dream got in the way of following God’s directions.

Long, long, long story short, an opportunity came up and we were able to spend the whole winter in Florida. As usual, Anthony worked while the girls and I played… Whoops. I’m kidding! We did play, but this is when my social media “business” really started to grow and take off. Coming from a lady who hates the cold, I was NOT mad about winter on the beach. Last month, I struggled through a devastating miscarriage as we grieved the loss of our third child. I felt maxed out. I was also beyond ready to finally settle down again in a place where we wanted to raise our children and make a life. It seemed as though we had been “in the waiting” and being tested for a long time.

About a week after my miscarriage (late February), the Lord began to slam every door that was open or cracked…. except for one. The same week that all the doors slammed, my husband was offered an incredible opportunity much closer to back home. My prayers had been answered as the Lord made His path unbelievably clear this time. I started to realize how important it is to pray specific prayers instead of just giving Him the generalized “thank you for this day,’ ‘help us in all that we do,’ ‘reveal yourself to us.” While there is nothing wrong with those prayers, there’s just not much depth to them. My prayer life started to flourish. I needed to ask Him. I needed to dive in and not ask him surface level prayers if I didn’t want surface level answers.

While I can’t even believe that we are moving, we are. We plan to make a home in this state for a very long time. We already rented a house (while we decide what area we want to be in more long term) after only seeing photos and videos as turn around time was too quick for us to want to go on a home finding trip. To say the last two months have been crazy would be a vast understatement.

Call us crazy, but we are thrilled to be moving next week and making our new home in…

Oklahoma City, OK

We wanted to be in a bigger city, within a day’s drive to family, more south than Kansas (because we like warm weather), and a good place to raise a family. Oklahoma City hits all of these marks for us. If you haven’t been to Oklahoma City, I can’t say that I blame you, but I hope that if you are ever in the area that you will stop by and say HI!!! But, I have to say, our days of traveling are not over. In fact, I think they are just getting started. With a home to always come back to, I think it’ll make our adventures that much more special.

So, here we are now, two years later. We have grown physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our family bond is unbreakable. We trust God far more than we did before (and I thought I trusted Him back then). We’re still smiling, still having dance parties, and still dancing rain or shine. We hope you continue to follow our journey and never ending testimony as we make our home in Okla-HOME-a.


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