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I feel like every time I write a blog, I start by sharing how busy we’ve been. Y’all, I’m not trying to be a broken record. It’s just the darn truth. Every time I think that life is going to slow down for a hot minute, we go into full throttle instead.

August has been a crazy, beautiful, wonderful month. The month started out with my husband, Anthony, turning 32. We celebrated the best we could, but the Chick-fil-A in Fort Pierce, FL where he’s been working since late June was opening the day after his birthday. So his birthday week was full of work, celebrating the opening of the new store through a dedication dinner, and a mama friend and her girls flying in for a visit.

On Friday the last day of their visit, we went to Disney World to end the summer right. While at Magic Kingdom, I received a call from Anthony letting me know that we were no longer moving to Denver, Colorado. This did not come as a complete shock to us. We knew there was a small possibility that this could change. Instead, we were moving to Boston, Massachusetts. I was thrilled. There was only one big problem. Our plan was to go back to Kansas during our stay in Colorado, visit family and friends, and change out our summer clothes for fall/winter clothes.

We just don’t have room to keep all the seasons with us all of the time. The following days went something like this:Saturday: I took the girls to Disney alone as planned. Anthony booked the girls and I flights back Kansas.

Sunday: The girls and I finished off our Disney trip, met a sweet friend and her baby for dinner in Orlando, and drove the two hours back home.Monday: I did all of our laundry, and packed almost all of our summer clothes up to take back to Kansas. Tuesday: We left at 4AM to head to the airport.

It was a chaotic few days, but I’m really thankful for the way it all turned out. While home, we were able to have Presley a unicorn themed birthday party (you can snag the decor from Dane & Brookes HERE) with her friends.

And then we were able to have a joint birthday party for Presley (7) and Sailor (3) with my whole family. What a treat that was

We also were able to take flowers to my 94 year old grandmother’s grave who passed in early August (she battled Alhzeimer’s for 18 years).

I spent much needed time with friends…

after friends

after friends.. including a birthday celebration for one of my best friends!

We hung with cousins…

after cousins…

after cousins…

after cousins!!!

We soaked in the time with my parents…

and celebrated grandma Gilmartin’s birthday with her!

AND, of course, I packed. Occasionally, I feel like packing is my J-O-B. I’m getting really good at it.

On Friday afternoon, we got back to airport to come back to Florida, so we could move to Boston the next day. As we’re going through security, Anthony calls with big news once again. We were NOT moving to Boston anymore. We have stayed in Florida this week, but we are STILL moving. I considered not announcing until we are loaded up in the car, and on our way (since things keep changing), but I just can’t wait.


The Gilmartin family is coming your way.

We’ll be moving to Rockville, Maryland just North of Washington, D.C. and just west of Baltimore, Maryland. We are trying to plan a weekend trip also to New York while we’re there. If you live in or around any of those areas, we would LOVE to see you. That’s all for now. We appreciate every single one of you for reading, following, and supporting this wild ride of ours.


The Gilmartin Girls

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