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I remember when Presley was around a year and a half I took her to the doctor for a checkup. He asked if she had the recommended word count. I kind if laughed as I said, “Of course, she does. She’s MY child. She’s going to be a talker.” Our pediatrician didn’t argue as he knew this to be true as he had been my pediatrician as well. Then he said something that really stuck with me over 6 years later, “Lexie, she’s going to be smart. She’s going to her learn her colors, numbers, etc. Focus on activities that really encourage her imagination.” WOW! I thought. Imagination (and fun) is right up my alley.

Ever now we spend a lot of our homeschool days on activities rather than only focusing on book work. Imagine a way to both cultivate imagination & dreams while you are teaching your child important hand and eye coordination. How great is getting to spend time with your child while they learn important skills? iPlay, iLearn allows that to be a reality! Let’s take a look at a couple of their cool toys….

Presley is in a league of her own –

The 2 in 1 baseball and tennis pitching machine ($34.99) is Presleys favorite toy hands-down. She loves that she gets to control when the ball is pitched via a button on the bat… so cool, right? The pitching machine allows you to change the angle that the balls come out to allow for a different setting every time you reset. We have been spending lots of summer evenings in our backyard batting balls as a family. It gets us active, outside, and gives us a great family activity. It also has an auto pitch mode that we enjoy. I’ve noticed both Presley and Sailor have improved a lot since doing this…. and maybe even mom and dad have too!

2-IN-1 Pitching Machine – Works for Baseball and Tennis. Set consists of a pitching machine, baseball bat, tennis racket and 6 EVA balls. Constant repetition is the most important step to becoming an expert! Automated pitching machine makes repetition and batting practice easy. Thats a win!

Sailor and the bouncing unicorn horse!The unicorn bouncing horse ($25.99) is where Sailor finds herself almost daily. The horse is a Bouncy and Stable 4 legged space hopper is super easy to inflate, helps with balance, and sends Sailor into a land of rainbows, fairies, and of course, unicorns. The ears are extra long to hone in on those balancing and coordination skills while providing a fun workout. What happens at 8am in the Gilmartin Household, Sailor.. bouncing up and down the halls on her horse. Bonus: it’s also a lot safer than her bouncing on her bed.

Who is iPlay, iLearn??1. iPlay, iLearn has been founded by an early years teacher and mother who has spent her career researching how toys, materials and adult interaction facilitate and extend children’s play. Years of research has led to the creation of iPlay, iLearn a company that produces toys that provide children with the opportunity to develop the most necessary skills for the 21st century; Collaboration and teamwork, Creativity and imagination, Critical thinking and Problem-solving. 2. iPlay, iLearn has a history of developing educational toys far beyond its creation. A life-long of experiences as a teacher and mother transformed our founder into a pioneer. Growing up in an ever-changing world, she recognized that the skills children needed to succeed were continually changing, and the toys that facilitated parent-child interaction were changing. To extend meaningful play time and give children the opportunity to develop the skills they needed for the 21st century, iPlay, iLearn was created. All toys made inspire a combination of skills: Collaboration & Teamwork, Creativity & Imagination, Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving.

Check out iPlay iLearn on Instagram for weekly giveaways, and more info on their toys ranging from adorable rattles and teethers, electronic educational toys, wooden toys and puzzles, a luggage line with original in-house drawings, and large vehicle sets. They put safety first and rigorously test all of our products and are very proud of their in-house design team that is constantly working to come up with great new toys and to improve on their existing products. 

After months of rigorous playing, the Gilmartin girls & Guy approve of these toys.. we have worn out two sets of batteries in the pitching machine because we are out there every night hitting balls with both the bat and tennis racket. We highly recommend their brand! So what are you waiting for? Get out there! PLAY LEARN…and watch your kids’ imaginations soar to new heights!!


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