Key West with Kids

We have had a wild last few weeks and all I want to do is share, share, share. We’ve been back from Key West for over two weeks now, but have taken two trips since. I hope you all have the opportunity to visit Key West one day, and remember this post for when you do.

If you’ve read before, you know we are big roadtrippers. We love a good road trip; near or far. We have been located in Port Saint Lucie on Florida’s eastern coast for the summer. It’s been a great opportunity to hit some of the highlights in the sunshine state. When we mapped out our path to Key West, and realized it was a quick five and half hours down there, we knew we had to visit. We left around 6 on Friday morning to make the most of our short time.

Our first stop on the drive down: Robbie’s Marina to feed the tarpon fish located in Islamorada, FL. The tarpon fish are huge. Hundreds of them gather by the dock. We bought a few buckets of fish to feed them, laid down on the dock, and waited for them to snatch them. They are quick and make a big splash, but pretty much harmless.

Our next stop was going to be the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, FL, but there was a big group waiting to go on the next tour, and we didn’t have time to wait. We checked out their displays in the first building and touched the turtle shells, but then we continued on down the road.

If you read my last post, you already know we stayed at Marriott Beachside in Key West, and it was phenomenal.
We asked somebody local where a great place to eat was, and that is how we discovered Hurricane Hole.

The atmosphere was just what we were looking for; outdoor seating next to a marina, locals, and a ship shaped playground for the girls. We were impressed by the food and key lime pie. We would all go back to this one.

We then went down to the downtown Key West shopping and restaurant area aka Duval Street. There were several vendors braiding hair and doing hair wraps. I have several sweet memories doing this, so the girls both got their hair fixed up like island girls. In the meantime, Anthony rented a scooter and the girls took turns riding around with him. Don’t worry, they rode a helmet while they rode.

Both nights, we hit Mallory Square for the Sunset Celebration. Local street performers come out for four hours and perform their acts. There are also local artists and vendors that set up for the evening also. The sunset view was remarkable. The coconut/pineapple art drinks were a big hit with the girls. Anthony even got to be in one of the shows and deemed ‘Miss Sunset’.

The next morning (and our last morning), we had a wonderful breakfast buffet at our hotel before heading to the Conch Train. This tour is fantastic. The tour guide is full of tons of information and you get to see a huge portion of the island. If you choose, you can hop on and off.

After the tour, we grabbed lunch at El Meson de Pepe. It was fun to try authentic cuban food.

We then hit the Customs House because I’m a big history lover and it has the custest statues outside. My dad also has almost identical stair posts as this one in his house.

Across the street was Mel Fisher’s Treasures Museum which houses many treasures found from shipwrecks.

We barely missed the last tour at the Truman Winter White House, but walked around and snapped some pictures.

We, of course, had to snap a picture by the Southern Most Point of the US buoy. By this point, Sailor was wiped out. (see top of page)

Also, another must do is snapping a picture by the 0 mile marker.The last day in Key West came and we decided to give ourselves a short break from going nonstop and relax by the gorgeous pool at our hotel. We wrapped it all up with another piece of key lime pie, hitting up the beach, checking out the Kino Sandal shop, and stopping by the Old Post Office that my grandfather remodeld when my dad was a kid.

We couldn’t forget to snap a picture by the old railroad bridge to Key West that later had a highway built over it on our way out of town.Our time was short, but packed with so much. I hope this helps guide you on your next trip to Key West. If not, thanks for reading anyway.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our adventure.


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