Microblading Eyebrows

Have you ever dreamed of the day where you would wake up with flawless brows? Every day, I would put on my makeup and filling in my eyebrows was the most dreaded part of my routine. I’d spend a significant amount of time trying to get them to look tame, have the right shape, and appear more full. When I heard I could do something to eliminate this part of my daily routine, I started to research the procedure and finally took the plunge. If you’ve been over on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve heard me raving about my new semi-permenant eyebrows a time or two over the last couple of weeks. I’m here to share all of the basics and answer all of your questions.

*My brows were done in Oklahoma City by Brianna Aragon at BAbrows. She works out of a medical office Holsey Cosmetic Surgery & Spa. She trained with and uses PhiBrows. You can book with Bri at www.babrows.com

1. What is microblading?- Microblading is a semi-permenant tattoo procedure where a licensed professional uses a special pen to draw on hair like strokes. This is done so that your eyebrows do not have to be filled in daily. The professional will use tools to measure and draw on the shape of your eyebrows before beginning. They want to ensure the shape, size, and arch suit you and your face shape. The tool used to do the tattooing looks like a small brush with 18 tiny needles on the end that is dipped in pigment for each stroke. After the procedure, additional pigment will be added to give your brows the right amount of color.

2. How long does it last?- There are a lot of factors to this; skin type, how well you take care of them, skincare routine, sun exposure, and quality of product used. Microblading will last anywhere from 10 months – 2 years.

3. How much does it cost?- The price varies dependent on who does the procedure and the area you live in. Typically, it costs $400 to $600. In Oklahoma, the investment at BAbrows is $475. This includes a touch up (perfecting appointment) 4-8 weeks after your initial visit. It is recommended that you get them touched up annually, and that costs $250.

4. Does it hurt?/What is used to numb the area?- This is dependent on your pain tolerance. The first pass with the tattooing tool is done with no numbing agent. This is to ensure the perfect shape as the skin will swell a little after numbing the area. Most people say it just feels like someone is scratching their skin. This is true from my experience. It is NOT painful, but uncomfortable. After the first pass, a topical lidocaine is used to numb the area relieving all discomfort. There are also a couple times where you might feel a slight stinging sensation.

5. What are the possible side effects? – Possible side effects include redness, tenderness, and swelling. In very rare cases, you could have an allergic reaction to the pigment. There is always the option to do a patch test before. There aren’t any known long term side effects besides waking up with beautiful brows.

6. Can you get your eyebrows microbladed while pregnant or nursing?- It is not recommended.

(This picture is with the pigment on my brows. Attractive right?! It sits on them for about 10 minutes to ensure the color really sets in)

7. What is the healing process like?- The first few days the brows will appear pretty dark. You will be expected to put aquaphor on your eyebrows a few times a day over the first week as they start to scab over. The scabs will then fall off making the brows appear lighter in color for a week or so. It will take the brows about 3 weeks to fully heal where you can see the finished look. Any spots that didn’t take well (or anywhere that you would like more strokes added) will be touched up at your perfecting appointment.

The very next day I had so many compliments on my brows. Not only did I feel more confident about the way they looked, complete strangers were taking notice too. All in all, this procedure was pretty painless and totally worth it. I have been wanting to do it for a long time and wish I would have sooner. It’s so great to be able to get up every morning and already have my brows on. Goodbye, brow pencil. I go in for a touchup at the end of June and will add the info here shortly after.

As always, thanks for reading. Now, go get yourself some flawless brows.


Mama Gilmartin

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