Moving & Settling

We are wiped out. That’s just the darn truth. Moving is not for the weak. I thought today I would give y’all a little peek into what a typical move looks like for us. This time we had plenty of notice, so packing began on Friday for a Sunday move. We *almost* always travel on Sundays. It’s the one day that Anthony is guaranteed to be off work because praise, Jesus, Chick-fil-A doesn’t sell chicken on Sundays. Since this is our travel day, we can’t stop at Chick-fil-A for the kids to get a play break like we usually like to. Major bummer! Oh well! This trip was only 7 hours, so (to us) a quick drive over to our new home.


– 1 large tub of toys (if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t go (as in donated or sent to home))

– 1 tub per person for clothes, shoes, underwear, etc.

– 1 tub of kitchen supplies and nonperishable food (this includes a good skillet, instapot, sippy cups, tupperware, etc)

– 1 small tub of school supplies (this is for homeschooling but right now it’s filled with art supplies, puzzles, books, etc for summer fun)

– 4 suitcases (if you haven’t noticed, we love to do a lot of mini trips wherever we’re located. Plus, daddy has to travel for work alone sometimes.)

– 2 bags of hang up clothes (these are solely Anthony’s work suits and shirts)- micellaneous

– 2 scooters, 2 lifejackets, 4 backpacks, 4 pillows, 2 clothing racks (that break down for the girls), 1 boogie board, 1 camera bag, a drone, and a double stroller

This is not a perfect science, but we feel like it works for us. We’ve figured out what we need and what we like. Are our own pillows a necessity? No, but they might as well be because there is nothing that screams home more than your own darn pillow. Most hotel pillows are not too good, so these are a must for us. We load all of this into the back of our large SUV and hitch luggage rack. We are crammed in. We decided to do this, so that our amount of items we’re traveling with didn’t get completely out of control. If it doesn’t fit then something has GOT TO GO! We also typically have to get a hotel over night, so we don’t like having to worry about getting a trailer broken into. This drive was short, so we rented a trailer, and had a lot more room to breathe!

When we arrive at the hotel, it’s all hands on deck. Ahhhh who am I kidding?! The kids start running circles the second we get out of the car because they are so thankful to be free. Anthony loads up the luggage carts with tubs, and then i get the duty of unpacking every last thing. Our room has one bedroom and one bathroom, so it’s super important to unpack and stack the tubs, so we can function normally. It’s been 2 days and we are 100% unpacked and it feels so good.

One of the first things I do on Monday morning besides finish unpacking is find the girls a place to take gymnastics. I make multiple phone calls getting prices, schedules, and information. This instantly gets them established. Then I start researching churches. We prefer one that has Sunday morning and Wednesday night to give us more connections. We also have to stock our refridgerator every time we move. Luckily, Anthony went with us, so I didn’t look like a crazy lady with 25 sacks of groceries and 2 kids on the luggage rack going onto the elevator.

It’s a process. We’ve moved 4 times with over 9 mini trips in between. Yes, we are exhausted, but at the end of the day, we love the road that we’re on. We also hope that you enjoy peeking into our wild lives. Thanks for reading.


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