Seven Months on the Move

Today marks seven months since we left home and set out on this adventure. I’ve been working on several travel and fashion blogs, but I felt like today was worth a blog post all of its own. If you’re new to my blog, here’s a brief back story. My husband works for Chick-fil-A helping open up new stores across the United States. I’m Lexie, the lady behind the camera and posts. I love sharing our story, our travels, our fashion finds, our insights, etc. We have two girls; Presley (almost) 7 and Sailor (freshly) 3. On December 30, 2017, we left Wichita, Kansas where we were all born and raised and embarked on this adventure. We live in hotels. I home school our girls. We drive from city to city. We only stay put a month or two at a time before picking back up. We try our best to settle into each place we live. We live in the moments. And overall, we love the life we live.

Over the next month, I’m going to focus on sharing blogs on all of the cities we’ve visited. The following have been our assignments so far; how many miles we drove to get there, how many weeks we stayed, and what we celebrated while we were there. Be sure to stick around until the end to see where we’re moving in a little over 3 weeks.

1. Atlanta, Georgia

960 miles

6 week assignment

Holidays: New Years with the Georgia Peach Drop Martin Luther King Jr Day by visiting his childhood home and memorial

2. Houston, Texas

793 miles

12 week assignment

Holidays:Valentine’s Day – ice skating at the Galleria MallEaster – took the girls to visit family in Wichita

3. Destin, Florida

574 miles

2 weeks (not an assignment, but where I stayed with family while Anthony was in training for 2 weeks in Atlanta.)

Holidays:Mother’s Day with my mama

Our first date night since starting this journey

4. Panama City, Florida

56 miles

4 week assignment

Holidays:Father’s Day – we left here that day

5. Fort Pierce, Florida

467 miles

10 week assignment

Holidays:Father’s Day – drove all day and got here that night

4th of July with small fireworks, swimming, and grilling out

Sailor’s birthday

Anthony’s birthday (still to come)

Presley’s birthday (still to come)


It’s 1, 949 miles from where we are right now….We will only be there for 4 weeks.

And our next home will be….

Thanks for reading.


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