What’s in a Name?

It’s officially official. I have wrestled with my overall name on social media for a few months. Maybe that seems silly to you, but not to me. Names are important. I truly believe that a name sets the tone for everything… for a business, a human, an organization, a book, or even a social media name. I’ll even share how and why we named our girls what we did below. I love passionately sharing my thoughts, feelings, experiences, etc, and I hope to continue to do so for a long time to come. Reality is: I won’t always be “on the move” or at least I hope not. HA! (even though every day is a new adventure) All of my social media is now cohesive to avoid any confusion under the name…


I feel like my overall story is about my life as a mama… currently a girl mama. Someday, we plan to add more to our fam (more girls or a boy), but I believe this name will still suit us for years to come. I’ve been a stay at home for the most part since Presley was born over seven years ago, so adjusting to homeschool teacher, blogger, influencer, traveler, etc has been a whole new experience, but I love it. Y’all know that I’m not super organzied and certainly not a planner, but NOW i have a calendar. Who am I?!

The point of “The GIlmartin Girls” is to share our life in the fullest way possible. To me, this means sharing our outfits (matching ones and not), our travels, our day-to-day, our current faves, our faith, our mountains, and our valleys in fun and creative ways. If you’re looking for authenticity, here I am. I won’t promote a product I don’t believe in or wouldn’t buy myself. I won’t share a hotel or restaurant that I wouldn’t return to. I’ll lay it all out, and hopefully continue to connect in a positive way with so many that I may not have had the chance to connect with otherwise. If you want to see more of something, drop me message. Although I’m very opinionated myself, I love hearing others opinions also (even when I don’t agree). We’re all adults right?! Right?!

Meet The Gilmartin Girls

Lexie age 28

  • Wife to Anthony mama
  • Christ follower
  • mama
  • fashion lover
  • traveler
  • people person
  • laid back
  • happy
  • optimistic
  • dreamer,
  • outgoing
  • outspoken
  • history enthusiast
  • honest
  • usually late
  • fun
  • adventurous
  • passionate
  • (you get the idea)

Presley Suzette age 7

Did y’all know that I’m a Disney fan? Surely, you did. In December 2010, I took a girls trip with my mama, sister-in-law, and dear friend that lives in the area to Disney World. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that Disney World at Christmas is maybe the most magical time to go. We visited the Grand Floridian resort to check out the beautiful Christmas decor. The most dolled up little girl was sitting in front of the huge Christmas tree in the middle of the room while her parents crazily hollered her name “Presley” trying to get her to smile for a photo. I immediately said, “When I have a girl someday, I’m going to name her Presley.”

Little did I know that I was already pregnant with my sweet Presley. My dad has also always been somewhat of an Elvis fan too, so let’s just say that it was also for him too. Her middle name was a no brainer for me. Suzette is my mom’s middle name, so I decided early on that if it was a girl, I wanted to use that name. My husband wasn’t totally on board with the name Presley at first, but as soon as she was born, and we learned that she was a she, he was all about it. She’s been Presley, P, P.Sue, P. Soup. P. Willaker, and more.

Sailor Olivia age 3

I’ve always wanted my kids to have unique names, but not unique enough that people had to ask my kids three times before they understood what their name is or have a crazy spelling. When I got pregnant for the second time, the only thing we knew is what we might name the baby if it was a boy. We didn’t find out the gender once again, so I wrestled my whole pregnancy with girl names. There was nothing that stuck, nothing that fit, nothing that sounded right. A few months into my pregnancy, I watched an awful story on the news about a plane crash. The parents, one daughter, and a cousin died on impact, but one little girl survived. She was 7 years old, and her name was….. Sailor. She walked barefoot a mile alone in the forest to get help. As terrible as that story is, it struck something inside of me, her bravery. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I wanted my little girl to be brave. That name went on the list, but it was not decided on until shortly before our sweet girl made her appearance in July.

I always liked the name Olivia, but it was too common to me for a first name. The name Sailor Olivia was the one. In my head, I thought I’d call her Livy for short. Plus, I wanted her to have one “normal” name since Sailor was so unique. Well, we’ve never called her Livy, she is definitely brave, and the name suits her perfectly. She is our little Sailor McGee.

When the time is write, I hope to have more kids. I don’t have any idea though what I would name them. Hopefully, Jesus will give me the perfect one when the time is right because they’re going to be stuck with those names FOREVER. Crazy, huh?! What a privilege it is to be able to name another human being.

Well, that’s all for now folks. I’m working on all of our faves from DC, and hope to be able to share that soon. Life has taken some wild turns lately, but always trusting in His plan.


The Gilmartin Girls

“The Lord will cause your enemies who rise against you to be defeated before you. They shall come out against you one way and flee before you seven ways.” Deuteronomy 28:7

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