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Tejas, the land of history…

After brunching, we hopped in our car to check in early at our next hotel, The Saint Anthony Hotel, which is part of the autograph collection from Marriott. As soon as we walked in the lobby, we were all in awe.

Every detail was elegant and classy. We later found out that this is the oldest hotel in San Antonio and that President Kennedy stayed there the night before he got shot. We pulled up to the valet, checked in, oohed and ahhed, unloaded our bags, and took off for The Alamo!

The Alamo is right in the middle of the river walk area of San Antonio. This isn’t your typical National Park because it’s actually a state park but that doesn’t lessen the importance of this historical site.

The Alamo was actually built to be a church and I am sorry but no pictures are allowed inside, so I don’t have any to post but you know what makes me happy? If you’ve read many of my blogs, you know I love US history. Thanks to my dad, I’m the one that’ll stop at a random historical site 20 miles off the highway and read every sign at places like The Alamo. It made my nerd heart happy when Presley asked if we could read every sign together.

Anthony and Sailor just blew through it and waited at the end. The entire building of The Alamo is under-going a long project at night to test the long term structure of the building so different parts of it were blocked off. It was interesting because as they dig and test around the area, they are finding new artifacts into our history.

On the premises, we got to enjoy a reenactment of an arms demonstration for time correct weapons. They obviously weren’t loading lead balls into them and the charges were only about a quarter of what originally was used but it was cool nonetheless to see. We walked through the secondary museum that housed some of the original items from some of the battles that took place there. As I took the time to read every sign, Anthony did not and was confused about the history. He stopped one of the actors and we both got a super in-depth history lesson behind the Alamo, Sam Houston, Santa Anna and Davey Crockett. Let’s just say, if you want to learn at a place like this, ask questions because a lot of the people working at these sites are also passionate about them.

So we did it, we toured The Alamo, what now? We walked down a couple blocks and bought tickets for the river boat tours. Listen.. we are tourists and we fall into tourist traps some times but things like this are always a must to me. You will always hear cheesy jokes but you also learn a lot while taking tours like this. While on the tour, we learned about the lovelock bridge.

You know what’s next. Anthony and I bought a padlock, added our lock to the bridge and locked up our love by letting our littles throw the keys into the river. After touring around the river for about five hours, we landed the kids into the stroller and headed back for the hotel. We changed our clothes and headed back out for a family night on the town.

As we left the hotel, we asked for food suggestions and something that was mentioned to us was about the lanterns. We weren’t fully sure what they were talking about but we put it in the back of our minds and headed for fajitas with a side of chips and salsa.

We enjoyed a beautiful dinner along the river walk and Anthony gave the food at Acenar an A+. Once again, our tummies were full and full of energy to go tackle the riverwalk at night.

Let’s just say, if you’re down on the river at night with kids, stay the side closest to the walls because it gets really crowded. A few times, I was even concerned that I could fall in. We found ourselves at the mall just in time to still get some lanterns.

Little did we know that we were there during the one time of the year that they do this. The girls enjoyed coloring their lanterns and making them unique.

After the girls customized their lanterns, we let the girls place their lanterns in the river. Y’all… we’ve had a long couple days and it was close to 10 at night, which isn’t late for us on vacation but we decided to pack the kids up and head back to the hotel until.. we found a horse drawn carriage.

We try really hard to be frugal on most things and it seems silly to spend sixty bucks on a thirty minute ride BUT your kids will only be kids for so long and even then, they won’t always want to take that ride with their parents. We made a memory and treated our little princesses like the princesses they are and of course, they chose the carriage just like Cinderella’s.

In conclusion to day two.. we went hard, we learned, we loved, we crashed in our beds in anticipation for day three.

Brunch @ Ocho in The Havana Hotel

Sunday morning, we got up fairly early so we could brunch before we headed to our big day at Sea World. After a little research, I had found Ocho, the cutest little place just a couple of blocks away inside of The Havana Hotel.

From the pictures, I assumed it would be good, but a little different. Y’all!!! It was crazy good. The manager was present in the restaurant and walking around checking on and connecting with guests, our server was super attentive and kept my coffee full (big bonus points), and the chef clearly knew his way around the kitchen.

YUM! I love that Anthony and I have completely different taste in food because it allows both of us to try things that we may not typically order. I have to admit that I liked it ALL. I’ve eaten out a lot and the atmosphere here was one of the best.

The large garage doors pictured are raised at times after the weather cools down a little and guests can eat at the bar top with a view. They even host weddings in this beautiful cozy space. For more information on Ocho, click HERE

I could brunch all day long, but it was time for the birthday girl to have her wish come true. Check back for all of the details on Sea World. We grabbed a couple scooters and made our way back to our hotel to check out and grab our car.

Scoot back over here tomorrow to read all about our day at Sea World Texas!


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