Madame Alexander Dolls

What do you think about when your daughter asks you for a new baby doll? Well…I think about the brilliant Madame Alexander baby dolls. Why do you ask? Well, I want to share with you my experience and explain why my love for this company runs so deep. Dream with me for a second, I would say close your eyes right now but I need you to read this, unless your husband wants to read it to you. Remember when you were a kid and that one special toy, you always loved so much, slept with every night and hardy left your sight. Maybe it was something like that awesome tea set that nana gave you on a birthday or perhaps you were a big fan of undressing the infamous fashion dolls like my daughter Sailor, or even a stuffed animal that never missed saying the Lord’s Prayer with you before bed.

For me it was, baby dolls that I loved on, carried around and never left my sight. One brand that caught my eye when I was around Presley’s age was Madame Alexander Dolls. Madame Alexander is a female founded company that has been around for over 95 years. They are dolls that my little girls will love on and play with for as long as they think baby dolls are still cool. After that period of time passes on, I can box them up until they come looking for them again and pass the baby dolls onto their little girls. See what I am getting at? These dolls are super realistic and meant to last for a long time of being dragged through the super market, dropped and left in the car on a hot summer day, pushed around on the stroller that catches the curb and goes flying into the mud. I can proudly state this because, I have in fact passed along one of my Madame Alexander babies on to Presley when she was old enough to want to play with dolls. I also have one ready and waiting for Sailor when she is a bit bigger.

When I reflect on my memories, I think back to the days of strumming through the racks with my mom at places like Dillard’s or other stores within the mall. I would always beg and plead with my mother to let me bring my baby doll in a little stroller. My mom being the awesome lady she was and still is, would always let me bring at least one of my babies and stroll around the store with her as she browsed the selections. These Madam Alexander baby dolls are so realistic that many mothers would often stop my mom in concern that I was pushing a real baby around.

These babies are awesome because I believe that it really helps to train my girls about compassion and nurturing at a young age because we try really hard in our house to take care of nice item such as these. When I was little, of course I dreamed about what I wanted to be when I grew up. My ideas ran wild like being a dermatologist (I love popping pimples) or being a hair stylist. While I had dreams to be a couple different things, I knew that I always wanted to be a mom. I can truly look back on those days at the mall with my mom and how great it was to be pushing around a stroller with a realistic baby doll in it. These dolls and their brand also show little girls that owning and running a business one day is highly possible, Madam Alexander was founded by a lady that really had a dream and went after it. It really hits homes on, never stop dreaming.

As I wrap this up, I am looking forward to giving my other three dolls to my girls or maybe even future girls that I hope to add to my family one day. Presley and Sailor both love the Madam Alexander dolls. I am so glad my mom helped me save mine to give to my littles one day.


Mama Gilmartin

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