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Let’s talk about something stinky. Shall we? As weird as this sounds, I kind of pride myself on being a place where it’s okay to talk about uncomfortable subjects. While our Facebook posts and Instagram feeds often share the beautiful moments in life (which I love… not complaining about the good) and us at our best, there are still real issues that we all deal with usually in secret. The internet has created a safe haven for us to read and research that lump on our foot, eye twitch, female hygiene, causes for bad breath, and how to help underarm odor. I’m stepping outside of the norm and sharing my experience with my recent underarm treatment called miraDry that permanently reduces underarm sweat and odor, and slows the hair growth substantially. *my treatment was performed at Lowe Dermatology located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Dr Lowe oversees the procedure & does the local anesthesia while Kaci Miller (certified) performs the procedure.*

I’m laying all of my cards on the table because if this treatment can help just one of you like it has me then it would be so worth it. I remember feeling nervous all the time in middle school (when my hormones were raging) as I easily got dark spots on my shirt under my arms from sweat aka pit stains. Gross? yes, but true. My doctor prescribed something that helped dry it up tremendously, but the uncomfortable/nervous feeling never subsided. I’m a pretty laid back person by nature, but truth be known I had this weird feeling in certain social circumstances that I might smell. While I was never diagnosed with hyperhydrosis or any medical condition, those memories left me applying deodorant multiple times a day. If you’ve ever struggled in these areas or hate putting harmful chemicals under your arms everyday then this blog is for you. This could change your life.

1. What is miraDry?- “The miraDry System uses thermal energy that targets and eliminates the sweat and odor glands in your underarm. Once those glands are eliminated, they do not grow back.” You can say goodbye to sweat stains and harmful deodorant.2. Is it safe? _ Yes. While sweat glands are necessary. Your underarms only contain about 2% of your sweat glands. Your body will not have problems self cooling. 3. Am I a candidate?_ This treatment is for males and females that suffer from excessive sweat/odor or hyperhydrosis.You should be in good health. You cannot be pregnant or nursing at the time of the treatment.

4. What is the treatment like?- First, your underarm will be numbed with a topical cream then you will be given local anesthesia under your armpits.

– Second, a temporary tattoo is used to mark your armpit where treatment needs to be performed. (Mine were the petite size)

– Third, the area is treated with the miraDry tool. At this point, you will be numb and feel nothing.

5. What are the side effects? – From my experience (and others), side effects are minimal. You can return to work that day. Your armpits will be numb, puffy, and a little sore. The puffiness and soreness subsided in the first 2 weeks. I am about a month out and still have minimal numbness, but that will continue to subside until it’s back to normal. I am 100% deodorant free and haven’t worried about sweat/odor since. 7. What is the cost?- The typically cost is $1950, but Dr Lowe’s office is currently running a summer special of $1750 (a total steal since this is permanent). Kaci Miller is certified to do the miraDry treatments and Dr. Lowe does consultations for FREE. Phone: (405) 608-6877

That about sums it up. Details aside, this treatment has provided me a freedom, a confidence, and a relief that I haven’t had before. I would recommend this treatment over and over again.


Lexie Gilmartin


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