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Water rapids, ropes course, zip-line, rumble drop, OH MY! Y’all… let me tell you about the coolest little place here in Oklahoma City that makes for a phenomenal day date with your spouse or significant other, a day/afternoon with the fam or even a girls’ or guys’ weekend hangout. I am talking about Riversport OKC, a world renowned place right here in the the heartland of America.

Have you ever been white water rafting? Until last weekend, I hadn’t either. I’ve always heard stories about doing it in normal rapids that have made me a bit hesitant to go. I’m fairly fearless and up for almost anything so when I heard of Riversport OKC I knew that I had to go. With my best friend’s birthday approaching, I decided to invite her and a couple other friends down from Wichita, KS to enjoy a day trying the rapids. We ended up making it into a weekend which turned into a total of 20+ pairs of shoes between the four us. We were literally ready for anything.

So first things first.. we arrive for our safety meeting before hitting the rapids. The awesome instructor walks you through some pretty important safety instructions including how to not have your raft… and let me tell you, we did NOT want our raft to tip, flip, or anything else that might dump us into the water. We then got on our oh so stylish blue helmets and orange life jackets and prepared ourself for a good time.

I hop onto raft #3 with three of my girlfriends, two dudes that drove from Arkansas for this experience and our instructor, Brian. We back it up into the base area and the instructor gives us simple commands and we comply. Next thing you know, we are headed up the conveyor belt about to drop in the top of the courses. There are two courses, a competition and a recreational. Our instructor says he likes to do the competition course first to get it over with. If only you could see the big eyes looking at me in our raft… I’m sure wanting to ask “What in the world did you sign us up for, Lexie?” The instructor gives his commands and before you know it, we’re down the first drop and paddling our way like a team down the first course. I truly couldn’t have imagined how much fun I would have and boy, was it a workout!

You get three trips down the conveyor. Once on each course and then you will decide as a team which course to try again. The instructors do a phenomenal job at keeping you safe but getting the most fun out of your trip as possible! Of everything I am going to talk about here, the rapids are what bring people from miles away for. If you love the water, being outdoors, adventure, being active, or just a good time, the rapids at Riversport OKC are 100% for you! WARNING: You will get wet…. probably soaked. You will also have a ton of fun!

The four us then went and enjoyed other activities like the BIG slides, rock wall, and ropes course.

So, what else is there to do? How about a rock wall, inflatables, three huge slides, a multi-level obstacle course, the rumble drop, which is a controlled free fall from like 60 feet, a zip line over the river, kayaking, standing paddle boarding, and much more. I highly recommend buying a day pass that includes all of the actives at one great price. With all of the higher than ground level items, you are safely strapped into a harness that connects to the structure and follows you around. When I was 60’ in the air and walking on something the width of a 2×4, I wasnt nervous at all, I knew Riversport had my back!

We also chose to do a family day here scheduled around my husband’s birthday. He did the river rafting on that day with a group of guys he was teamed with and he hasn’t quit talking about what a blast it was. The zip-line was the highlight for me on our family day. You zip from the top of the platform to the other side of the river and then back. All of us loved doing it besides Sailor who enjoyed the (on ground) zip line for little kiddos. Presley is infamous for scaling all kinds of rock walls at the ripe age of 7 (now 8), so after she did it, mom couldn’t let her do it alone. I strapped up and rang that bell right next to her.. she just happened to be on the most difficult side when she rang the bell. I had to prove to myself that I could do it to, so I strapped in and went for the gold, bell that is. SPOILER: I also made it to the top!

Do you have littles under 48 inches like me? Don’t fret, there is a whole area dedicated to little kids and trust me, Sailor doesn’t like many thrill rides but she approves of the kid ropes course, bounce pillow, zip line, and playground with a big thumbs up!!

What does the rapper say to the DJ? Wr-wr-wrap it up. If you live within a days drive of OKC, make a day of it or even a weekend. Enjoy Bricktown and the other cool things about this niche city, but make sure Riversport OKC is at the top of your list!


The Gilmartin Girls

P.S. Our raft did NOT flip & I lost ZERO friends that day!

For more information on Riversport OKC adventures, CLICK HERE

Full disclosure: We were hosted at Riversport OKC, but all writings and opinions are my own and based on my honest experiences.

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