Oklahoma City – Fall Family Weekend

Where did we stay?

There are some pure hidden gems and history in the middle of the country.  For example, Route 66 passes right through Oklahoma City, which is also the 8th largest city by land mass. Oklahoma City has had its share of good and bad.

When people think about Oklahoma City, they may think of the 1995 OKC Bombing or they may think of OKC Thunder but here’s something they aren’t thinking about, a #historicovernight in a covered wagon like the settlers from a time, long, long ago.

The Gilmartin Girls got the pleasure of staying at the Orr Family Farm, which is based in the southern part of the OKC metro. Not only is the Orr Family Farm home to a great pumpkin patch but home to the Conestoga Wagons and unique Teepees!

If you’ve been following me for a while or even a couple months, you may assume that camping would my fortè. I have always joked that the camping life isnt for me but glamping, I could do and thats just what we did by staying in a covered wagon. Yes, there was Wi-Fi, yes there was electricity, yes, praise the Lord, it was climate controlled!

Our wagon included a California King bed, and then a set of two bunkbeds (which was plenty of room for my family of four and all of our excessive amounts of luggage). The wagon also included a mini fridge and a microwave.  The wagon included all of the sheets and bedding, and all of the pillows that you would need.  You need to pay attention to the weather though, these are “technically” covered but they are still “technically” open to the elements because they are not fully insulated like a house would be.  If it’s cold, plan to sleep in long pants and long sleeves, if it’s hot, plan to sleep in what little clothing you deem approopiate given your sleeping situation. Like I said before, the wagon did include modern necessities like heating and air-conditioning. Yes, I was able to charge my phone without a solar panel or battery pack, the wagon did have outlets. The campsite even has Wi-Fi. We made the girls leave their ipads at home because we really wanted to focus on family time.

Part of the family time that we really enjoyed was that every night that you stay, they leave enough smores in the wagon to fill yourself full of campfire toasted marshmallow’s in between delicious graham crackers and metled chocolate. Every night, the camp staff will start a campfire before it gets dark and leave enough firewood to last into bedtime.  This allows for a great amount of quality family time.  The girls, Anthony and I bundled up around the campfire both nights to reflect and talk about our days and what we still wanted to do this year.

What was really neat about the experience is the farm also had a private swim spa that you could reserve a thirty-minute time slot.  The swim spa included a Michael Phelps signature endless swim-spa that also included a hot-tub.  The girls loved this part the most I think besides the lantern that they got to carry around with us on the camp site. 

The awkward elephant in the room…what about the bathroom?  Yes, there was a private bathroom and no, it wasn’t in the wagon.  The wagon does not have fresh water or any water for that matter.  It’s a short walk to the barn that housed a private bathroom for every wagon in the circle.  In the bathroom, was a walk-in shower, the normal toilet and sink but also a wall air conditioner/heater.  What about security?  Every wagon comes with a code padlock, which you could lock the door either from the inside or outside.  There is also overnight security as well.

Admission into the farm during the seasonal time is also included in the cost of an overnight stay, which is great because you get to walk through a separate gate into the farm and walk right into the awesome Orr Family Farm.  Back in 2012, the farm was tragically subjected to a tornado and it wiped out a good amount of the farm, but Dr. Orr was determined to bring the farm back to life.  The farm included the standard items like the inflatable bounce mound, a corn maze, pumpkin canons, trike races and corn pits but it also included unique features like a train that circled the entire property, an animal feeding area, a nighttime zombie hunt, fireworks, a chicken show, and my personal favorite, pig-races! 

The Orr Family Farms is worth the drive if you live within the state and the surrounding states, but I would venture to say that the Wagon Overnight’s are so unique that they are worth coming to visit from anywhere!

Check out the aerial video of the Orr Family Farm Here!

Where did we eat?

The first night at the farm, we enjoyed a great family night in the wagon circle eating a campfire meal consisting of hot dogs, chips and then roasting smores. On Saturday, we decided we wanted to head out for breakfast.  We found ourselves just down the road at The Sunny Side Diner.  This diner is a local staple of home style cooked food that got our day started right.  I am a coffee and French toast lover right here, but I passed this morning and went for the hangry man while Sailor opted for the hangry kid!  Presley went with her normal three eggs, over-medium while Anthony went with the BBQ pork over potatoes (he’s not a breakfast person).  The food was hot and delicious, the service was on point and the restaurant was full and on a wait. That’s a great sign.  I highly recommend this place for breakfast!

We chose a close breakfast spot because we wanted to go back to the farm to spend more time doing all of the fun activities, but we ventured out into the city for lunch.  We decided to go down to the plaza district to a locally owned place called, “The Mule.”  This was definitely a step in a different direction from breakfast, as we stepped into a more modern and new-aged local dive for millennials.  They had a vast amount of gluten-free options which is huge for Presley.  The food was all hot and the service was on point.  The atmosphere wasn’t very bright as there weren’t many windows, but it had some really cool lighting to set off the beautiful space.  While down in the plaza district, we had to take the short walk over to Roxy’s for some great ice cream and the girls were all about it as it gave them something to enjoy while we took in the “plaza walls.”  The plaza district is full of local spray paint art that is ever changing.  This is a cute area of town that has great art and food to check out.

We decided to keep the mid-town/down-town vibe going throughout the day and dropped by the civic center because they had a traveling art exhibit in town, which if you ever get to see the “musical swings,” check it out because as you swing, it plays different notes…totally cool.  We had some time to burn before dinner, so we of course we had to scoot around on the scooters downtown.  It’s the best way to see a ton of stuff without getting worn-out.  We actually scooted over to Scissor-Tail Park because they just recently opened it to the public and we wanted to check it out.  The park included a great spashpad and kids area.  The kids area was sepereated into two areas, big and little kids.  You could rent a paddle-boat and paddle around the pond, while you hold your lovers hand.  What if your kid is really furry?  They have a special fenced in dog play area too! 

Click here for an aerial view of Scissor-Tail Park!!

Anyways, back to the food.. we went to The Jones Assembly for the last meal of the day and this place was something else.  They took an old building and turned it into a modern-day, niche restaurant towards downtown.  The ceilings were high, and the walls were brick.  The atmosphere was beyond awesome and open.  The food was fancy, which was right up our alley for dinner.  The service was some of the best that we have experienced in a long time.  They also host concerts at this location, as well as large parties.  This is a must try while in the OKC area.  We had a day but if you know us, we weren’t done.  We headed back for a late-night snack around the campfire, while we thought about our day.

The last day… we woke up from our last night in the wagon and we were sad that our time was coming to an end at the farm and we tried to figure out how to calm our sorrows.  Carbs and coffee really help, in fact, Waffle Champion is exactly what we needed.  I needed a sugary French toast and Anthony devoured his chicken and waffles.  This place was packed from wall to wall and I can see why.  Everything about it was amazing.

All sugar’d up and full, we headed over to the Myriad Gardens for Pumpkinville to check out the display that they had up for the fall season.  We painted pumpkins and the girls faces, rode the carousel, learned some facts, rode the slides and I will tell you what.. we worked up an appetite.  Hideaway Pizza for sure gave us all the feels.  They were able to accommodate the gluten-free mushroom and pineapple pizza that Presley is all about, and the rest of us got down on some great pizza and wings before heading to science museum to hang out with Otto the Robot.  The science museum in Oklahoma City is one of the best that we have visited throughout the country.  From exploding bubbles in the science show or laying on a bed of nails to learning how to drive a Segway, we were entertained for hours.  This place is definitely worth the membership or coming for the day!

Oklahoma City is full of great places to eat.  If/when you check out the awesome places to stay and eat, keep in mind, the local joints.  The places we ate at are either local or small chains that depend on you trying them.  I wouldn’t talk about them if we didn’t like them!

Until Next time – The Gilmartin Girls

Disclaimer: I was hosted at the Orr Family Farms by Dr. Orr via #vistokc but all commentary is as of my own and was not compensated to postitvely review. Also, all food was hosted by @visitokc. I only post my thoughts from my point of view.

All images are owned and copyrighted by The Gilmartin Girls

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